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Catering FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

List Of FAQ Asked By Most Of Our Customers

01. What is the minimum pax to order your catering service?

It will be 50 pax for all the available menus and 40 pax for Wedding Lunch package.

02. Which area do you cater for your catering service?

We cater for locations around Ipoh area. If your location are out of Ipoh area, you may click here to contact us to enquire if your location is out of Ipoh area to check if we are able to serve you.

03. Will there be any GST charges?

We are not GST registered company, there will be no GST charges.

04. Will there be any extra charges?

There will be no extra charges, the price for all menus are in NETT price. For example, 50 pax for RM18 menu will be 50 X RM18 = RM900 Nett.

05. Is that your catering service Halal?

Our catering service is PORK FREE but not Halal.

06. Will you be providing additional amount of food as we order for the specific number of pax for the catering?

We will be providing additional 10% of the food amount for our catering service.

07. Can I change / customize the dishes in the menus?

Yes you can. However, you are not able to do this if you are ordering online, please click here to contact us if you wish to customize your menu.

08. Will you be providing sufficient cutlery (Plates, fork & spoon, cups) for the catering service?

We will be providing the cutlery 2X of the number of pax you are ordering. For an example, you are ordering 100 pax, we will be providing 200 sets of utensils. Additional cutlery can be added BEFORE the function date for extra charges.

09. Do you provide bowl or chopsticks for the catering service?

We do only provide plates, fork and spoon, cups for the catering service and we do not supply chopsticks. For bowl, we will be providing if there are dishes in our menus require it such as lotus root soup in wedding lunch menu.

10. Will you provide staff here to serve the catering?

Yes we will provide staff to serve you if you are ordering more than 80 pax on any menu. If you would like to request for staff to serve the catering lower than 80 pax, it can be requested and additional charges apply.

11. What time will you be here to setup the catering?

We will reach your event location 30 minutes earlier to your catering function time to setup the catering banquet table. Please take note that guests banquet table setup is not included.

Guest banquet table setup will be RM50 per 10 tables & 100 chairs and have to inform us when you book for the catering.

12. How do I pay the balance of the catering?

The balance of the catering should be settle at the end of the catering service and it should be pay to our staff that hand you the invoice.

13. What kind of payment method do you accept to pay the balance?

We accept cash or cheque for the payment of the balance.

14. Can I add additional dishes while my catering is on going and there is insufficient food?

No, it will take us long time as preparing the food, cook and deliver to your location may take 1 hour or more.

15. Can I modify my menus, number of pax of the catering in the menus after I booked the catering?

Yes you can make any changes 7 days before the function date by contact us or drop by at our location to make the changes.

16. Can I cancel the catering or shift to other dates after I have booked it?

No, upon cancel the catering service your deposit will not be refund, exchange or to be use on any other purpose for our service. Date shifting or transfer of the catering service are not allowed after confirm booking on the date.

We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best services

If you have any questions that you not found in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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