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Buffet Dishes

Here Are Some Gallery Of Our Buffet Dishes

Fried Big Salt Prawns

Curry Chicken

Yellow Pulut Rice

Bentong Fried Mee Hon

Chilli Vegetarian Sotong

Fried Kuey Teow Mee

Sambal Prawns

Fried Cintan Mee

Soya Sauce Big Prawns

Fried Crispy Taufu Ball


Chee Cheong Fun

Ginger Duck

Thai Style Fish Meat

Ah Jat

Salad Roll

Loh Hon Mixed Vegetable

Fried Chicken

Prosperity Pandan Roll

Fried Vegetable Roll

Mixed Vegetable

Rendang Chicken

Fish Nugget

Sausages & French Fries

Fried Empress Dumpling

Lotus Roots Soup/h2>

Red Eggs

Steam Fish Paste

Fried Wedges

Small Kai Lan

Black Pepper Cuttle Roll

Thai Style Crispy Taufu

Yong Chow Fried Rice

Pak Cit Chicken

Kuai Fei Taufu

Choi Yun

Sweet & Sour Cuttle Roll

Plain Rice


Curry Puff

Mixed Fruit


Kuih Talam & Red Bean Cake

Dessert (Moon Cake)

Only Available On Mid-Autumn Festival


Agar-Agar / Kuih Ling Gao / Cake

Orange Squash

Chinese Tea

Yam Sago

Honey Dew Sago

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