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Canopy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

List Of FAQ Asked By Most Of Our Customers

01. Which area do you cater for the canopy service?

We cater for locations around Ipoh area. If your location are out of Ipoh area, you may click here to contact us to enquire if your location is out of Ipoh area to check if we are able to serve you.

02. Will there be any GST charges?

We are not GST registered company, there will be no GST charges.

03. Will there be any extra charges?

There will be no extra charges, the price for all packages are in NETT price.

04. Can I specify the exact time I want to assemble the canopy?

No, customers are not allowed to specify the exact time to assemble the canopy as it will be hard for us to plan and manage the time to do so.

However, we will setup the canopy on either one day earlier or during the morning of the event day (If your event is on night time) and usually disassemble on the next day after your function ended.

05. How many days can I use the canopy?

A maximum of 3 days from your function date.

06. Can I add on more options like air cooler, stand fan for the canopy package?

Yes. Please contact us for more enquiry.

07. When will you setup the canopy for us?

We will usually setup the canopy 1 day earlier of your function date or latest by the afternoon 3PM of the function date (if your function is using the canopy on the night).

08. Will you setup the guests banquet table?

No, but this service can be requested with extra charges of RM50 per 10 tables & 100 chairs prior booking of the canopy.

09. Will your staff inform us before they are coming to setup the canopy?

Yes, our staff will call the provided phone numbers before they are dropping by to setup the canopy.

10. I need more canopies besides those package you are providing.

Please click here to contact us if you need more canopies than the packages we are providing.

11. How many set of tables and chairs can be fit into a 20 x 20 canopy?

If the 20 x 20 canopy is setup on a flat surface, it can fit in maximum of 6 sets of table and chairs.

12. How many canopy I should order for specific number of catering service?

You may contact us for enquire for more information and suggestions.

13. Can I modify the canopy set or tables and chair in it after I have booked it?

Yes you can make any changes 7 days before the function date by contact us or drop by at our location to make the changes.

14. Can I cancel the canopy service or shift to other dates after I have booked it?

No, upon cancel the canopy service your deposit will not be refund, exchange or to be use on any other purpose for our service. Date shifting or transfer of the canopy service are not allowed after confirm booking on the date.

We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best services

If you have any questions that you not found in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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